Panopto Update January 2022

The Video Content Management Platform of TU Darmstadt was updated on 08 January 2022


This update brings some significant improvements and also new functions. Here, we briefly summarise the most important ones.

The most important new features from the Panopto update of 08.01.2022

Already activated new functions:

  • Notification of new comments is now enabled by default and can be disabled if needed (see support article).
  • Audio descriptions for videos can now be uploaded for more accessibility (see support article).
  • Panopto Capture can now also be used with the Safari browser (iOS and macOS).
  • Responsive design for the Panopto platform
  • Videos can now be viewed even if third-party cookies are disabled (regardless of embed type).
  • Translated with (free version)

Upcoming new function:

  • Data-saving alternative for reusing Panopto videos from an old Moodle course – with the new “Reference Copy” function
    • In concrete terms, this means that when importing a Moodle course, videos from the old course that are located in the corresponding linked course folder in Panopto no longer need to be moved or copied. Instead, a data-saving placeholder is automatically created in the new linked course folder and students can thus easily access the videos. It is important that the new Moodle course is linked to Panopto before importing the course!
    • More information on the “Reference copy” function can be found in this support article.

You can find further new functions through the update as well as all information in detail in the Release January 2022 Product & Service Update (2022-01-08).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact !