Invitation to the Regulars' E-Learning Table on June the 21st (3-4:30 pm)

Topic: 360° Escape Game in the School Lab Biology


We would like to invite all who are interested to the next Regulars' E-Learning Table! We are looking forward to an input from Dr. Guido Klees and Dr. Kirsten Santelmann from the Department of Biology and from Markus Weber from the E-Learning Group as well as the exchange with you.

Virtualisation by means of 360° panoramic images has created a new approach for the school lab at the Department of Biology. Students have the opportunity to get to know the BioLernLab virtually before the actual lab day on site. The didactic approach chosen provides an exciting challenge: within the framework of an “Escape Game”, the students support a professor in the production of an important vaccine. Through integrated video sequences and various quizzes, they learn about the equipment and rules of conduct and can then use this knowledge in a targeted way during the lab day in presence.

At this regulars' table, Dr. Guido Klees & Dr. Kirsten Santelmann from the BioLernLabor of the TU Darmstadt will report on the idea and didactic concept development. In addition, Markus Weber from the E-learning group of the HDA will provide insights into the technical implementation of the 360° environment and media production.

Registration & Language

The Regulars' E-Learning Table will take place as an online live format in the web conference system Zoom. Please register by filling in the registration form in order to receive the access data for the Zoom meeting.

And please note: The inputs will be in German.