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Fuels Project: Didactics

In this information area, we would like to present the didactic considerations in the context of the fuels project. You will find information material and infographics for the development and creation of didactic concepts within the technology types 360°, AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality). Learn more about the fuels taxonomy to better assess your own project idea or take advantage of the workshops we offer within the fuels project.

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Current Workshop Offerings

Taxonomy for Future Learning Spaces

The “taxonomy” developed by the fuels team of the E-Learning group helps with the didactic classification of the envisaged learning scenarios and is used in the new development of 360°, AR, and VR learning scenarios or in the context of counselling.

The taxonomy model is being continuously developed within the framework of the fuels project.

The following video describes the current status of the four taxonomy Size, Tag, Technology, and Didactic, as well as their application in the classification of the intended learning scenarios.

The video is in German language.

This video shows mock-ups of possible Future Learning Spaces and their applications in practice. The respective fictitious scenarios are classified by the taxonomy.

The video is in German language.