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digLL Project

A project funded by the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts (HMWK) in which eleven Hessian universities have come together to develop innovative concepts for digitally supported teaching as well as digital learning content. – Duration: 2019-2021

digLL" becomes "HessenHub": Information on the second project phase

Digitally based teaching and learning in Hesse

The aim of the HMWK-funded project “Digitally Based Teaching and Learning in Hesse (digLL)” is to provide all students with access to barrier-free and quality-assured digital teaching content.

The use of digital technologies in teaching is to be encouraged by offering lecturers a (virtual) space in which they can share ideas about digitally based teaching in a protected environment and test innovative concepts. The project supports lecturers both in the creation of digital learning content and from a didactic, organisational-technical and legal perspective.

Innovation Forums and Sub-Projects at the TU Darmstadt

The TU Darmstadt is involved with two innovation forums as well as local sub-projects for the support of a digitally based teaching.

Within the framework of this sub-project, innovative, digitally based teaching and learning projects are to be developed and implemented at the TU Darmstadt together with the departments of mathematics and physics for the “large” service courses. The focus is on the creation of digital content and interactive exercises.

The project leaders at the departments act as content experts and are supported in the conception, production and implementation by the staff of the e-learning group of the TU Darmstadt on a media-didactic and media-technical level.

Contact: Christian Hoppe ()

Department of Mathematics: Development of STACK exercises (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reif)
Short description and milestones (in German) (opens in new tab)

Department of Physics: Building Physics Skills (Prof. Verena Spatz)
Short description and milestones (in German) (opens in new tab)

Within the framework of this sub-project, a university-wide requirements analysis for computer-based examinations will be carried out and evaluated. Based on the results, possible implementation concepts for e-examinations at the TU Darmstadt will be developed. Furthermore, different technical solutions will be tested.

Contact: Julian Prommer, Thomas Lüdecke (, )

Moodle course with details on the project “Computer-based examinations” as well as exchange opportunities on the topic

Information website on online examinations

The aim of this sub-project is to support lecturers at the TU Darmstadt in the implementation of digital teaching by centrally financing the student assistants required for this and qualifying them by the e-learning group. The experiences from the e-learning projects that can be implemented with the help of this support programme are shared via the e-learning blog of the TU Darmstadt and thus also with other lecturers outside the TU.

Contact: Markus Weber ()

Overview of the supported projects

together with the University of Gießen

The innovation forum “Didactic concept development” aims to encourage and support the development and use of media-didactic teaching and learning formats at Hessian universities. The initiatives at the individual universities are networked with each other, corresponding concepts and “best practice examples” are collected and made available for exchange in a form enriched with metatags. Innovative approaches from non-Hessian universities will also be reviewed and used as impulses in new concepts to be developed. These can then be used to create a method guide or pool, e.g. in the form of design patterns (so-called e-learning patterns).

Contact: Markus Weber ()

To the digLL blog with contributions from the “Innovation Forum on Didactic Concept Development” (in German)

together with the University of Frankfurt

The aim of this innovation forum is to establish a trusted version of learning analytics: Trusted learning analytics. TLA provides for responsible, targeted and transparent use of data from higher education operations, which can give Hessian higher education a unique selling point in national and international comparison. The following concrete results are to be developed in the innovation forum:

  • Guideline on ethical and legal aspects of learning analytics with practical handouts for higher education institutions.
  • Technical solutions (open source) for the realisation of trusted learning analytics
  • Evaluation of trusted learning analytics solutions in pilot projects at universities in Hesse
  • Collection of lessons learned and best practice examples from the pilot projects
  • Establishment of a Hessian/national community on trusted learning analytics

Contact: Dr. Christoph Rensing ()

Further information on the Innovation Forum (Trusted) Learning Analytics (in German)

“Flashlights of digital teaching”

As part of the innovation forum “didactic concept development”, the “flashlights of digital teaching” were published. These provide an insight into the current digital teaching practice that has emerged as a challenge in the Corona pandemic. In video sequences, lecturers from the TU Darmstadt and other Hessian universities report on their experiences with the conversion and transformation of their own teaching.

“Flashlights of Digital Teaching” at the TU Darmstadt on the E-Learning Blog

“Flashlights of Digital Teaching” throughout Hesse on the digLL Blog

The video is produced in German. You can switch on English subtitles by clicking on the „CC“ button in the video player at the bottom right.