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OpenLearnWare (OLW) is the TU Darmstadt's online platform for free access to learning materials. It supports the worldwide initiative "Open Educational Resources (OER)". Openness in teaching and education possibilities for everybody are the main goals.

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Publish learning material on the OpenLearnWare Platform

As a lecturer at TU Darmstadt, you have the opportunity to publish your learning materials on the OpenLearnWare Platform. These can be, for example, lecture recordings, presentation slides, scripts or audio files. The following conditions apply to the material to be published:

To publish learning material on the OpenLearnWare platform, the following 3 steps are necessary.

Step 1: Check material

Check that your material is free from third-party rights and give your permission for publication.

Permission to publication (opens in new tab) (in German) – Please fill in the form and send it by mail to the OpenLearnWare team:

Step 2: Choose licence

Select a suitable Creative Commons (CC) licence for your material.

We recommend the CC BY-SA licence.

Step 3: Publish

Contact the if you would like to publish materials on the OpenLearnWare platform. The team will handle the provision and administration for you.

If your material are videos that are already stored on the Panopto video platform, please let us know (including the links to the videos).

Good to know:

Technically, all teaching materials on the OpenLearnWare platform are stored in the video content management system Panopto . The videos in a collection, e.g. a series of lectures, are displayed in the form of a playlist on the web interface of the OpenLearnWare platform.