For Studying

This collection of tools is sorted by purpose and is intended to help you find the right tool to support your learning. We mainly want to show tool options for digital studying that are available at the TU as well as for free on the web (online tools and apps).

Also see what tools are available for teaching!

Tools [at the TU] versus [on the web]

Information on Data Protection

Here you will find tools that are either provided directly by the TU Darmstadt or by university cooperations within the framework of which members of the TU may use the corresponding tool.
>> These tools are marked with [at the TU]. They are used by lecturers, for example, for online assignments and communication. They have also been checked from a data protection perspective, and we often offer support and advice for them.

In addition, you will find suggestions for online tools and apps that can make digital studying easier and can usually be used free of charge.
>> These are marked with [on the web]. You should decide for yourself whether and how to use them with regard to your data. If you have any doubt regarding the tools, please contact our colleagues in the data protection department.

TIP: for web tools that do not require registration/login, use the VPN with the profile setting “Campus” to mask your IP address.

Learn more about the assessment of digital tools with regard to data protection

In addition to the collection of tools on this page, you can find an overview of campus software at the TU Darmstadt at the HRZ website (also including tips for freely available software).