Recordings & Videos


This offer is intended for the recording of a one-time or a series of sessions that are not part of the usual teaching at the university. In contrast to the recording service this is a payment service. The video production will be handled by experienced student assistants of the recording team.

Learn more about the free recording service for lectures at the university.

What is included in “Rent-a-Videohiwi”?

An experienced student assistant of the recording team is going to record a video of your presentation with equipment provided by us. The assistant can also, if you want, handle the editing and provision of the video.

We offer two variants for the recording of your presentation:

1. Classical video production with a high-resolution HD-camcorder: The recording is focused on the person presenting, while slide presentations can also be filmed with the camera.

2. Recording of the slide presentation as a screen recording (screencast): We provide you a laptop with recording software (Camtasia or Panopto) for your presentation. You receive a video of the slides including any annotations. If necessary, a video of the person presenting can be added.

How does “Rent-a-Vdeohiwi” work?


  • Fill out the application form (in German) (opens in new tab) and send via e-mail to the recording team
  • Please keep in mind to send in your request as early as possible – at least 2 to 4 weeks before the planned start of your recordings.

Once the request is accepted

  • You will receive a response from us and, if necessary, a meeting request for the discussion of more details for complex projects.
  • After the accomplishment of the recordings, you will receive a working hour overview of the student assistant together with the final bill.


We charge an hourly fee of 20€/h for the work of our student assistants. In the case of more complex requests, it’s possible after an arrangement to instead agree upon a flat price for our services.