Recordings & Videos

Recording Service

This service to encourage lecture recordings primarily aims at large basic courses and also service courses (teaching exports) of the departments. Likewise, it is intended to enable video recordings for teaching, which are more complex to produce and thus more difficult to realize on one's own.

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What does the recording service include?

  • Our trained student assistants will record your presentation using own equipment. Alternatively you may create recordings yourself and we will then take care of the post-production (arrangement as required).
  • It usually takes 1-2 days to edit the video and make it available to you and the students.
  • The video will be made available via the video platform Panopto with automatic integration into your Moodle course.
  • The service is free of charge for teachers of the TU Darmstadt.

Three options are available for recording:

  1. Recording of the slide presentation as a screen recording on a tablet computer with or without lecturer video.
  2. Recording of the blackboard presentation as a classic video production with high-resolution HD camcorders.
  3. Recording with individual set-up (e.g. Wacom tablet/ Macbook/ iPad recording)

Application for the recording service is possible at any time

Following the current situation (digital semester), the procedure for the recording service has changed as follows:

  • An application for the recording service is possible at any time (there is no fixed deadline as in the past).
  • Recordings will be produced if possible during the lecture-free period to digitize as many lectures as possible.
  • Recordings can therefore be produced in a block (e.g. recording dates over two weeks on several mornings).
  • Recordings that include only slides and audio should be produced by the lecturers themselves, if possible. They can do this as a screen recording or as an audio recording .

To apply for the recording service, email