Classical video production with camera

The classical video production consists of the recording of one or more high-definition video cameras. Video productions are usually costlier than screen recordings (screencasts). However, in return you are able to record blackboard lectures in a lecture hall, scientific experiments or complex procedures in a professionally produced video. The recording team will gladly advice and assist you during your video production!

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Classical video productions are useful when …

  • viewing the person presenting is important for explanation of the content, e.g. when a blackboard, glass/whiteboard or other supporting presentation medium is used.
  • procedures or handwork are shown for the explanation, for example, during laboratory experiments or showing the use of a complicated technical machine.
  • you want to explain your content through a story, for instance, by recording a classical video with different cuts, protagonists and locations.
  • the video recordings are used as a tool for feedback for lectures, presentations and so on.
  • students produce videos, for example, students are supposed to produce a video about a certain topic to explain and present it to their classmates.

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