Meet each other live online

Online meetings are live online formats for teaching courses or group meetings. Usually, web conference systems are used for the technical implementation of online meetings. They offer a virtual space where all particpants can meet each other.

Learn more about the didactic considerations of conducting online meetings in teaching.

Web Conferencing Systems

You can use the following web conferencing systems for online meetings at TU Darmstadt.

Note on the Use of Video Conferencing Systems in Teaching from the Summer Semester 2022 Onwards

In the summer semester 2022, teaching events at the TU Darmstadt will resume in person. Online offerings can be a useful supplement to the in-person instruction, but they should not be mandatory in order to successfully attend a course.

Nevertheless, the TU Darmstadt has decided not only to extend the licenses for Zoom but also to introduce another system, BigBlueButton (BBB).

Not only is Zoom a tool that many users are more familiar with, but it also has some technical advantages. Zoom is especially advantageous when it comes to large events (over 100 participants) or the sound quality. However, Zoom is not without problems in terms of data protection, as the legal standards in the EU and the USA are not well compatible. Use of Zoom should therefore be voluntary for all participants.

BBB, on the other hand, is unproblematic from a data protection perspective. The setting is operated by the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) on its own servers, although it is technically less powerful in some aspects.

The teachers can decide for themselves which system to use.

Technology & Implementation:

  • computer/ laptop or mobile device
  • stable internet connection (if possible, via LAN)
  • USB headset recommended (usually better to use than internal microphone/speaker)
  • USB webcam optional

As a rule, participants receive a link from the meeting organiser through which they can enter the online meeting room and are then listed there as participants – with corresponding possibilities for interaction (audio, video, chat, etc.).

Further details can be found on the pages of the respective web conferencing systems – see above.

The level of interaction in online meetings usually depends on the size of the group. The larger the group, the greater the challenge. This results in different implementation variants.

  • Online meeting with seminar character (high level of interaction)
  • Online meeting in presentation format (level of interaction low to medium)

In addition, the web conferencing systems Zoom and DFNconf also allow live streaming. In this case, participants also receive a link to view the live stream, but they do not join the online room. This means that you as the organiser do not see any participants at that moment. The level of interaction with the live stream is zero to low.

Didactical considerations about the different forms of online meetings

Conducting Online Meetings in Teaching

Suggestions for the implementation of online meetings, ideas for more interaction as well as helpful materials for planning and conducting online meetings.

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