Biology: Serious Game in the Format of Escape Room

in a digital 360° laboratory environment for students who would like to visit the Merck – TU Darmstadt biology learning laboratory

This project was implemented as part of “fuels – Future Learning Spaces” in 2022 .

With the help of 360° technology, students can take their first practical steps in the laboratory in an authentic learning environment and get to know the current working methods and laboratory equipment of a modern, well-equipped biological laboratory of the first safety level. In the virtual laboratory, you solve various tasks, so that learning paths open up that come close to gathering primary experiences in the laboratory environment.

The playful approach and the integrated puzzle logic of an Escape Game support and motivate you to make complex biological subject content accessible in an understandable way. In terms of content, the game deals with the production of vaccines against viruses, whereby the students have to support a professor. The 360° Serious Game also serves as preparation for a classroom visit to the learning laboratory. The game logic is designed in such a way that, in addition to orientation in the laboratory, many of the laboratory devices available there are described, their purposes explained and their functions explained in detail. The cognitive relief should thus support learning in presence in the learning lab on the thematically different lab days. The Serious Game uses a variety of media formats, such as explanatory and learning videos or audio files as well as interactive puzzles and graphics.

The play lasts 70-90 minutes and is aimed at students from grade 8 upwards.

The 360° Serious Game in the format of Escape Room was developed and technically implemented together with the Department of Biology at the TU Darmstadt. It is the first completed product in the context of fuels – Future Learning Spaces.

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Dr. Guido Klees / Head of Learning Lab
Markus Weber / Head of the Project fuels – E-Learning Group – TU Darmstadt

In this video, you get an impression of the Escape Game in the Biology Learning Lab. The video is in German language.