Considerations for digital teaching

In this didactics section, we would like to present some conceptual considerations which might help you to successfully implement your digital teaching – whether as pure online teaching or in hybrid teaching settings. Beyond that, we are happy to give you personal and individual advice. In addition to these conceptual considerations, the success of the technical implementation is also important.

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Rethinking teaching – completely online / as a hybrid

So far, digital teaching at the TU Darmstadt mostly was done online to accompany traditional classroom lecturing.

With the occurrence of the Corona pandemic, the necessity arose to rethink teaching scenarios: at the TU Darmstadt, in the first step, for the most part completely online, in the meantime also partly as hybrid teaching settings.

Transformation to online teaching

What is important for the transformation towards successful online teaching?

Well-balanced combination of asynchronous and synchronous online teaching

Just as in previous “Blended Learning” teaching concepts, a well-balanced combination of time-flexible teaching formats (asynchronous) and live teaching formats (synchronous) is also recommended for online teaching. – The respective advantages of synchronous and asynchronous teaching/learning phases can thus complement each other in a way that supports learning.

Time-flexible (asynchronous) teaching formats

can be organised via the learning platform. There, with the help of learning materials, e.g. videos, content can be provided and learning activities/ communication can take place.

Synchronous online courses

in the form of online meetings are ideally more interactive. Learning activities that are less feasible asynchronously or simply require direct contact can take place there.

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"Flashlights of Digital Teaching"

Blog article series that gives an insight into digital teaching practice under current covid-19 circumstances. In video sequences, lecturers talk about their challenges and experiences with the transformation of their teaching.

Blog article series "Flashlights of Digital Teaching"